President - Susan Rogé

Vice President - Jon Cormier

Treasurer - Nicole Laroche

Secretary - Melissa Lees


Webmaster - Kelli Coviello

Bulletin Board Creator - Heather Leanord

Facebook Moderator - Susan Rogé

Hospitality Coordinator - Michelle DeLaCruz

Spirit Wear Coordinators - Kathy Simms/Erin Lane

Doyon Devours Books Lead - Susan Rogé

Discovery Garden Coordinator - Kathy Simms

Restaurant Dine-Out Benefit Nights Liaison - Kerrin Nixon

Ice-Cream Social Lead - Moira Kelly

Enrichment Coordinator - Rachel Lhereux

Box Tops Coordinators - Kerrin Nixon/Sarah Marsella

Pencil Box Coordinator - Evy Nikalaou

Fall Mums Plant Sale Lead - Susan Rogee

Meadow Farms Fundraising Lead - Susan Rogé

Monster Mash Lead - Melissa Lees

Green Team - Yadira Dackert / Peter Breeze


The Friends of the Ipswich Elementary Schools/Doyon is an independent, non-profit organization comprised of parents and staff of the Paul F. Doyon Memorial School.  Our goal is to maintain quality education and seek new avenues for improving programs offered to the students of the Paul F. Doyon Memorial School.

FRIES/Doyon strives to bring the entire community together by sponsoring community events open to the general public, by participating in other community events, by disseminating information to the elementary school community and other interested parties, and by being responsive to the requests for cooperation and assistance.

FRIES/Doyon raises funds in numerous ways to be used for curriculum enrichment programs, school field trips, special equipment and services, and long range planning initiatives developed in conjunction with our membership and other community groups.  FRIES/Doyon also provides seed money for fast track implementation of strategic initiatives beyond the scope of the elementary school budget.

FRIES/Doyon funds are allocated based on the following Guiding Principles:

  • Supports school improvement plans developed by the School Council and the Principal.
  • Supports enrichment initiatives.
  • Affects immediately or seeds a program that eventually will affect a great percentage of the elementary school population.  The goal would be to demonstrate a program’s success and prove its impact so it will be easier to be adapted and sustained by the school budget.
  • Does not wish to support programs on an ongoing basis that should be funded by the school budget.
  • Seeds innovative initiatives that may not affect a large number of the elementary school population, but that have the support of the school staff and are unlikely to receive funding through traditional routes.
  • Does not exclude scholarships or teacher stipends that support student activities in relation to special programs.
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